Kenny Chan

Mr. Kenny Chan was born in Hong Kong and has lived in the U.S. since 1975. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1975 with a degree in mechanical engineering and went on to receive his MBA from City University of Seattle in 2008. Kenny worked as a Mechanical Engineer for 20 years and has since transitioned to managing IT operations in China. Mr. Chan was then recruited to provide shared services supports for the Boeing Company in the Asia Pacific areas.

In 2006 Kenny’s father-in-law was admitted to a nursing home. This event sparked his interest in the elder care industry. Kenny noted, “Every time I visited him, I experienced the deficiency in resources for the care of the elderly. The care givers seemed to be missing their joy and seemed very stressed.  I talked to some of the care givers and I learned of their pain. They are in a very stressful environment. Their jobs are extremely demanding and they often are missing support. A lot of care givers chose this as their career because they care.  I felt hurt seeing their passion slipping away because of this. “

In 2010 Kenny retired from Boeing and took the position of Administrator in a nursing home. This career move stemmed from Kenny’s passion for the elderly paired with his desire to provide support to care givers and show them their work is valued. Kenny now splits his time between continuing his work in the eldercare industry through serving on the Washington Care Services Board and working in King County as a Project Manager for the Solid Waste division.