Memory Care

Dementia is a progressive brain dysfunction that leads to gradually increasing restrictions of activities of daily living. We understand the effects of dementia on patients and families. We believe in a gentlecare model of caring for families with dementia. People with dementia have a spiritual, psycho-social and emotional self and not simply a physical self with medical needs. The more we learn and know about the people we’re caring for and take our cues from them, the happier and more secure they feel. Our residents then have the energy to enjoy rather than just cope.

Families are a critical part of our caring philosophy and team. They help us understand the resident. Is the behavior we’re seeing new or part of an historical pattern? Families help enhance the resident’s living space with pictures and items they know and love from the past.

Our team members are the keys to our caring philosophy. They interact, observe, support, listen to, comfort and enjoy the uniqueness of each resident. Caregivers meet regularly to discuss residents’ needs, which ensures consistency and optimal care and oversight. A resident for example may respond very differently to approaches and care giving at varying times of day. When valuable information is shared our residents benefit and challenging behaviors are minimized. It’s a self-governing process that requires everyone in the environment to assume responsibility for communication and caring. It’s the Washington Care Center way of caring.