Short Term Rehab

Our Homeward Bound Program is designed to rehabilitate and return residents to home or community settings, or assist them in adjusting to long-term care at Washington Center. The goals are to discharge residents to a lower level of care and achieve greater independence. Our staff tailors each resident’s care plan to his/her discharge needs. Consideration is always given to the “home environment,” prior to discharge from therapies, in order to maximize success in the next setting.

The program is housed in Washington Care Center’s David A. Best West Wing, which accommodates 49 residents. This floor, added to the facility during a recent multi-million dollar remodel, is utilized primarily for transitional residents, including those with short-term rehabilitation needs and hospice care.

There are several components of Homeward Bound. Therapists might conduct home visits to determine recommendations such as adaptive equipment or other safety measure needs. Our social workers will coordinate necessary community services prior to discharge. We also educate families to ensure they understand that discharge too soon might compromise the resident’s safe transition. Some residents require further medical stabilization prior to admission into an intensive rehab program.

Prior to admission to our facility, residents are assessed to determine what their pharmacy, therapy and nursing needs are. Within 72 hours, we meet with the resident and family to develop a care plan. During this meeting, expectations, goals and a future living arrangement are discussed.

With the Homeward Bound Program, an increased number of residents are returned to a lesser level of care, and more Medicare residents are served, allowing appropriate resources to provide higher quality services. The program creates positive energy and a dynamic environment, where all those involved can be gratified by successfully sending people home.