Specialty Services

Washington Care Center offers programs for those needing special services and support.

Wound Care

Wound healing can be complex because of the internal and external factors that affect the healing process. Led by our nurse wound specialist with oversight by our physician consultant, wound care at Washington Care Center is designed to provide a comprehensive approach including medical treatment, appropriate equipment and products, proper positioning, exercise, nutrition and therapy.

Respite Care

More than one million people in Washington State serve as unpaid caregivers. We offer respite services for those who need assistance while their primary care giver gets much needed rest, takes time off or may be unable for a short period of time to provide care at home. Respite guests receive the same nursing care, supervision and activities offered to Washington Care Center’s full-time residents.

Hospice Care

We understand there are times when a patient can no longer benefit from curative treatment. We work closely with community hospice specialists to provide compassionate care so a patient can live as fully and comfortably as possible at end of life. Washington Care Center has contractual agreements with several community hospice organizations and our care providers have been educated in palliative and hospice care delivery.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage has a very important role in a holistic wellness program. Massage as a stand alone therapy has a multitude of benefits. Massage can enhance body awareness, sensation and circulation, decrease muscular stiffness, strengthen the immune system, enhance post-operative rehabilitation, and increase joint flexibility. Massage can also promote relaxation, lower blood pressure, encourage sound sleep, support the management of pain associated with chronic conditions and arthritis pain, decrease contractures, and activate the body’s natural healing process. However, when massage is coupled with other rehabilitation procedures and utilized as a frequent therapy, therapeutic benefits increase exponentially.

Massage sessions are scheduled upon request seven days a week. Each massage session is customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Therapeutic massage can help provide symptomatic relief and enable seniors to enhance vitality in their lives. Furthermore, the power of positive touch is a priceless gift. Therapeutic massage is administered by Vebona Wellness Center and Spa. Contact Vebona directly via phone at 206-850-2378 or email your request toinfo@vebona.com.