Rehabilitation is the centerpiece of treatment for those who have been hospitalized because of illness or injury and are not able to go directly home. Our goal is to help patients heal, gain strength and discharge to home or a setting of lesser care. Washington Care Center’s core rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Physical, Occupation and Speech Therapy

Physical therapists help individuals reach their highest level of independence using treatment options such as strength training, gait and balance re-education, massage, joint mobilization and exercise.

Occupational therapists work to help restore patients to the level of function that existed before the injury or illness. Treatments may include therapeutic tasks such as dressing, grooming, bathing and eating as well as home assessments.

Speech therapists support patients with exercises to increase language fluency and the functions of thinking and memory. Speech and swallowing are closely related so assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders may also be provided.

Specialty Rehabilitation Services

Restorative nursing staff helps residents maintain and/or improve their independence once they’ve completed their inpatient rehabilitation program so they can enjoy a full range of services and programs.

Recreational therapy at Washington Care Center includes individual and group activities to help restore and improve the residents’ ability to function and to learn how to use their leisure time in ways that enhance their health, independence and well-being.